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Who we are ?

Founded in 2018, SynBird specializes in the development of digital tools for local authorities. 

Our aim: to facilitate exchanges between citizens and local authorities

Our philosophy: a free, visionary and ambitious startup.

SynBird technical experts dedicated to supporting our customers (set-up, training and support). The watchwords of our teams : Pedagogy, availability and transparency.

Our mission : to strengthen public confidence and improve the efficiency of administrative processes 

2 complementary associate directors

Antoine Rochette de Lempdes, Technical and Customer Support Director and Julien de Nomazy, Sales, Legal and Marketing Director. 

Our strengths for agents

  • Customizable: no technical knowledge required 
  • Simple: a single platform for several modules 
  • Easy to use: tools and statistics shared internally 
  • Quality of service: 9 out of 10 customers recommend SynBird 

Our strengths for citizens

  • Accessible: 24/7 services for everyone 
  • Intuitive: step-by-step, centralized procedures 
  • Clever: with email and SMS notifications 
  • Secure: thanks to SecNumCloud data hosting 


A strong focus on eco-design. Score of 69% in the NumEcoDiag, which evaluates the eco-design of a digital product or service.


A commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). with the launch of SynBird's collaborative MAO BOA platform in 2024


88% of General Accessibility Standard objectives (RGAA : French Accessibility Guidelines based on WCAG2) achieved


Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A Data Protection Officer (DPO) was trained in 2023


Data hosted in France by OVH in a SecNumCloud-certified space - a standard that guarantees a high level of security for data and systems hosted in the cloud.

International standards

ISO 9001 certified - an internationally recognized quality management standard - ISO 27001 and ISO 270017 / 270018 - information systems security and privacy protection standards


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Emmanuel Radicchi 

Export Sales Manager

International development manager 


+335 19 08 29 72 

Offers a 24/7 appointment scheduling service for citizens and agents 

Advantages / Benefits

  • Save and centralize all appointments in a shared diary 
  • Empower citizens to make their own appointments 
  • Reduce the number of incoming calls to the local authority 
  • Reduce the number of missed appointments thanks to reminder e-mails or SMS messages 

helps to ensure that waiting times within the community run smoothly by monitoring and regulating the flow of citizens with and without appointments within the community

Advantages / Benefits

  • Optimize flow management 
  • Predict and estimate waiting times using AI 
  • Manage and control crowds within the community 

Here are the equipment options :

Enables local authorities to easily and efficiently manage the organization of public events 

Advantages / Benefits

  • Give visibility to events such as workshops, conferences, etc. 
  • Manage the number of registrants 
  • Manage speakers 
  • Pay online 

Automates the management of administrative steps and procedures via a centralized platform for processing files 

Advantages / Benefits

  • Simplifying administrative procedures 
  • Make everyday life easier for agents 
  • Analyze the urgency of a process using AI 
  • Optimize internal organization of services 
  • Formulate an appropriate response quickly thanks to AI 

Allows reservations to be managed in just a few clicks. Users can reserve their rooms from the local authority’s website, and have access to the status of their reservation, as well as all their current and/or validated requests 

Advantages / Benefits

  • Improve room occupancy rates 
  • Save time in processing requests 
  • Optimize communication and organization

Integrates and centralizes all incoming requests within the community, whatever the source (postal mail, emails, calls, website, social networks, elected representatives, etc.)

Advantages / Benefits

  • Manage all incoming and outgoing requests via a single channel 
  • Reduce service assignment errors 
  • Reduce time spent per request 
  • Optimize response time to a request 
  • Issue outgoing mail 
  • Improve traceability of exchanges 
  • Facilitate document searches 

Gives you the opportunity to gather citizens’ opinions through surveys, thus gaining a better understanding of their needs and expectations

Advantages / Benefits

  • Participatory democracy 
  • Helping to make decisions 

Allows users to connect to their space and manage various aspects of their civic life: appointments, reservations, event registrations, submit forms, receive emalings 

Advantages / Benefits

  • Simplify user procedures 
  • Strengthen exchanges between citizens and local authorities 

Allows users to consult all the data stored and made available in a centralized database. This knowledge base is constantly enriched with new content and the latest information

Advantages / Benefits 

  • Empower users 
  • Reduce the number of support tickets 
  • Improve customer satisfaction 
  • Capitalize on knowledge

Allows you to generate dashboards to manage your business. These dashboards can be customized according to the person consulting them 

Advantages / Benefits 

  • Gain an overview of the business 
  • Monitor trends 
  • Qualify for certification or quality labels